Technology in Sports


Sports is an area where physical strength and intelligence come to the fore and people compete to prove themselves and their strength since the civilization came to pass. Even if it is a hobby that people do to create the movement that the body needs, against the time they spend in sedentary office environments for their health, today’s technology provides the opportunity to do sports completely and correctly. Whether you are doing it for health as an amateur or a professional athlete, technology has now become the heart of sports. So, let’s examine together what are the technologies of athletes and technologies that contribute to sports.

Technology in sports

Technology in Football

Football, which is one of the most followed and most economical sports in the world, now acts as a whole with technology. Footballer has incorporated many technologies from wearable technology to imaging systems used. All fitness data of football players are monitored regularly with special vests that are used in training tracking and contain chips that monitor all actions of athletes such as heart rhythm, pulse, oxygen, and movement speed. In the field of imaging systems, broadcasts are given both with high resolution cameras with special software used for training tracking and with high resolution cameras with the latest technology for match broadcasts. From the football boots worn by the players to their jerseys, goalkeeper gloves and field grass, products carefully developed by companies with space technology are used.

Technology in Individual Sports

Although individual sports are actually only one person in the field at the time of the race, they depend on the success that comes as a result of a great team and teamwork. As an example, even if the boxer is in the ring alone in boxing competitions, the boxer is the on-screen face of a big team with its trainers, coaches, and conditioners. Training gloves with pressure and speed meters inside, special t-shirts with equipment for measuring fitness, and sandbags with pressure gauges. Thanks to the technological products and special software specially prepared for their branches for the teams dealing with all individual sports, including skiers, golfers and tennis players, the opportunity to compete with maximum efficiency has arisen for the athletes. Let it be individual sports with technological developments in the field of medicine, whether it is team games, the maximum performance of the athletes can be measured with blood tests. With the technologies that can determine the possible injuries of the athletes, the types of training they should do are determined and their biological deficiencies are eliminated.

Technology in Personal Sports, Smart watches

As amateurs, we should also do sports in our own lives. Movement is a luxury for many of us in today’s working conditions. It is a fact that working conditions based on physical strength are transferred to machines day by day and people spend the whole day in offices, in front of a computer or in a vehicle and remain stable. Inactivity both causes obesity and causes many diseases, from vascular occlusion to heart attack. While smart watches and wristbands, which have been in our lives for the last 45 years, keep track of your daily movements and sleep, they force you to act with notifications and alerts. In fact, with the motion tracking pools created by some brands, it can see your friends’ walks, sports and activities and turn them into games that will encourage you to pass them in a virtual competition environment.

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