10 Tips to Perfectly “Natural” False Lashes

Apply by squirming the wand delicately at the foundation of your lashes to cover them completely, and keep on squirming the wand up the length of the lashes, which will help add thickness and length. You can add however many coats as you’d like, yet stop before you get mink lashes, clumpy lashes (except if that is the look you’re focusing on).

Utilize a lash brush (metal-toothed brushes get the most exact outcomes) to isolate any bunches and keep the lashes wispy. You can likewise utilize a spotless, dispensable mascara wand.

Still need a little added thickness? Singular flares to the salvage! Here are a few hints:

In the event that you need a characteristic look, pick short or medium bunch free individual flares.

Utilize a minuscule speck of waterproof paste at the foundation of each lash – hold them with your fingers or with tweezers and plunge each lash bunch into the paste each in turn.

Gazing down into a mirror can make it simpler to apply lashes on yourself.

Spot each group straightforwardly at the lash root, zeroing in on the external corner and focus of your eye. The lashes ought to be a length that mixes into your normal lashes flawlessly.

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